Advantages of pursuing STEM programs in the USA.

An interesting WEF report spanning 15 industries and 26 economies estimates that by
2025 a new emergence of labor between humans, machines, and Algorithms may
result in 97 million new jobs. Intriguing as it may seem it further captivates an already
spellbound Indian student audience to the home of tech – Silicone Valley, in the USA.
As a result of this unbroken link with the industry, a total of 1,99,182^ students with
India as their place of origin was pursuing higher education in the US in 2021-22.

What has the U.S.A to offer:
World-class institutions: The USA is home to many top-ranked universities and
institutions renowned for their STEM programs. These institutions often have state-
of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge research opportunities, and world-class faculty,
providing students with an excellent learning experience.
Diverse course offerings: The USA offers a wide range of STEM programs,
allowing students to choose from various specializations and tailor their education to
their interests and career goals.
Research opportunities: STEM programs in the USA provide ample opportunities
for research and hands-on experience. Students can collaborate with leading
researchers and participate in cutting-edge projects, enhancing their skills and
knowledge in their chosen field.
Industry connections: The USA’s strong ties between academia and industry mean
that students have access to internships, co-op programs, and networking
opportunities with prominent companies in their field. This can generally lead to a
potential job offer and a smoother transition into the workforce after graduation.
Global recognition: A degree from a reputable US institution holds high esteem
worldwide. It can open doors to international job opportunities and can be a valuable
asset in your career, regardless of where you choose to work.
Innovation and entrepreneurship: The USA is a hub for innovation and
entrepreneurship. STEM students have the chance to be part of a dynamic ecosystem
that fosters creativity, problem-solving, and the development of groundbreaking
technologies and solutions.
Diverse student community: US universities have a global student pool, thus,
creating a diverse and multicultural learning environment. This exposure to different
cultures and perspectives enriches the educational experience and prepares students
for a globalized world.
Scholarships and funding opportunities: Many universities and organizations in the
USA offers scholarships, grants, and financial aid specifically for international students
pursuing STEM programs. These opportunities can help alleviate the financial burden
of studying abroad.
Practical skill development: STEM programs in the USA focus on practical and
real-world applications of knowledge. Students are encouraged to work on projects,
engage in problem-solving, and develop critical thinking skills, all of which are highly
valued in the job market.
Career prospects: STEM fields are in high demand globally, and the USA has a
strong job market for STEM graduates. Graduates with STEM degrees often enjoy

better job prospects, higher salaries, and job stability compared to graduates from
other fields.
No wonder the trend is on an upward trajectory. ^^This year alone, there are more
than 200,000 Indian students studying at U.S. institutions, representing an overall 20
percent of international students currently in the United States. “Last year, a record-
breaking 125,000 Indians were issued student visas, which is more than were issued
to any other nationality.


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