Pathway Programs

What is a Pathway Program?

Pathway programs are preparatory courses. They are designed to help international students build relevant graduate skills, knowledge, and add-on qualifications that they will need to enter a bachelor’s or master’s degree program at a university. These programs generally last one or two semesters, and they do not end with a degree. They are a steppingstone in the process that leads you to your desired university or degree program.

What Is Different With Our Pathway Program?

Our Pathway Programs are distinct. They not only accommodate LOW grades and English proficiency scores but start on-campus, have a similar program duration, all the while studying with the same batch of students on-campus and after progression, you graduate with the same qualification – post work study remains the same. 

Our unique Pathway Programs offer Grade X | IGCSE students to undertake an undergraduate degree from a number of different streams.

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Why choose a Pathway Program?

There are many reasons why an international student may want to join a pathway program. Here are some of the most common examples how a pathway programs can help transition your academic pursuits.

Pathway Programs

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The Pathway Experience Is…

Language Skills

With Pathway Programs, you can develop the language skills that are necessary for University Education.

Choose Major

You can choose your own Major for Pathway Programs and excel in your field of choice.

Better Chance

Develop the necessary language and academic skills for University education with Pathway Programs.


Global Education Board helps you with the Articulation Agreement required for University Admissions, a direct pathway to a reputed university.

Types of Pathway Programs

There are three main types of pathway courses:

Bachelor’s preparation

Accelerated bachelor’s preparation

Master’s preparation

Though each pathway course is intended for students at various levels and with multiple objectives, the general idea continues as before: a pathway course will set you up for your degree education and help you meet all requirements for passage to college.

Pathway Programs to Consider

When considering a Pathway program, it is mindful to examine if you unquestionably gain entrance into the university of your choice after successful completion of the pathway period. UniSmarter and American Collegiate are such unique online program providers providing multiple global pathways to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Courses are available in Business and Commerce for UG and a range of master’s programs, including Business, Accounting & Finance, Law, Computing, Education and Robotics. The undergraduate pathway includes writing and research for Business and Commerce, Principles of Marketing, Introduction to Statistics and Accounting for Business Management. The master’s qualifying pathway covers Creative and Critical Thinking, Applied Concepts, Research Methods, and Interactive Learning Skills and Communication for Postgraduate Study.

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What are the advantages of pathway programs?
Save time – The alternative is for students to wait until borders open or until the next intake commences. You can start immediately and continue on campus when it suits them. Save money – The study is undertaken in the home country, so no extra housing, living, and travel costs. The next best thing to on-campus learning -
What is the Virtual Learning Environment?
The online product is a virtual learning environment that looks like the real world with classes and 1:1 teaching & support. Students have their tutor “on-demand” in their timezone and only a local call away.
When To get started?
The best solution to get started now – This is different from other online education options; this is “a pathway to a real university campus” with the same lecturers, same curriculum but with more options for support (individual zoom consultations, your tutor in your country, student groups).
How to develop connections?
Develop peer group (online) connection/interaction – Meet and connect with your classmates online before meeting in person! Online peer communities for classes (e.g., Facebook groups) will run Zoom peer social events.
What about social connections?
Virtual is real and social – Fast track your online collaboration skills, work virtually and remotely with the lecturers and your fellow students in the virtual classroom and get a “real-world experience” for your future job where you may have to work with colleagues remotely.
Where can you study?
Study where you want, when you want – Manage your daily schedule and study the best way possible to suit your learning needs in your virtual space and transition to your future student lifestyle successfully.

Take a Look at Our Pathway Options

U.S & Canada

Pathways To The U.S.A & Canada

The U.S and Canada are by far the most popular option for Indian students. With great electives and opportunities, our pathway programs will give you a competitive edge.

United Kingdom

Pathways To The U.K & Europe

The U.K and Europe have some of the oldest education systems in the whole world. From monarchs to culture and art to music and architecture, it boasts some of the very best that can be offered. A pathway program in these lands is learning in themselves.

Australia & New Zealand

Pathway To Australia and New Zealand

Australia has numerous institutions that fall in the top 2% globally. With a practical approach to learning and great post-study work opportunities, Australia and New Zealand is the place to be for budding enthusiasts.