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The UArizona Global Offers a framework through which highly talented and academically qualified students can select and enrol from a carefully curated set of courses taught through the University of Arizona Global.

Academically talented students can enrol in up to 30 carefully curated & selected courses. Students may enrol in 10 courses in their last two years of High school earning up to 30 credit hours. They can take them on a schedule that works for them during semesters or during summer breaks. All credits count towards a UA degree or they may be transferred to another U.S. or Canadian university

ANTHCultural Anthropology

ANTHWorld Archaeology

ARCArchitecture and Society


CHEMGen Chem I: Quantitative

CLASClassical Mythology

COMMIntro to Study of Commerce

ECOL Introductory Biology II

EOL Introductory Biology II

ENTOHow Insects Shaped Human History

ENVSCareers in Environmental Science

GCIntroduction to Global Change

GEOGEnvironment and Society

GEOGEarth’s Environment: Intro to Physical Geology

SOCIntro to Sociology

HPSIntroduction to Public Health

ISTAComputational Thinking and Doing

NSC Intro Human nutrition

SBE – Careers in Sustainability

MATHElements of Calculus

MATHCalculus Concepts: Business

MATH Calculus I

MATHCalculus II

MATHCalculus Preparation

RNRSustainable Earth

RNRConservation of Natural Environment

RNROur Place in Nature: Bio & Env

PSYIntro Psychology

PCOLIntro Pharmaceutical Science


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Total Cost Per Credit Hour – $500 USD 

Total Cost Per Course – 3 Credits $1,500 USD 

Admission Processing Fee – $20 USD

UArizona Students will pay Tuition fee
directly to UArizona Academy.

Scholarship’s Available

The course is entirely conducted online via the platform provided by the University of Arizona.

The University will appoint a High School representative to help with facilitation with the University. There will be academic advisors to assist with course work during the duration of the program.

Apart from earning credits towards your undergraduate degree that can be applied at any university in the U.S & Canada, you learn from a TOP Ranked U.S university that has been part of every planetary mission with NASA & fifth-most awarded public university by NASA for research.

Ranked #52 in the World and No 34 in the US by The Center for World University Rankings, these courses bring you the best of academic rigour and opportunities to excel. You learn new concepts, techniques, and approaches to cutting-edge technologies helping you gain a competitive advantage.

  1. Experience a new way of learning preparing you for a university degree abroad.
  2. Become Independent by learning to study.
  3. Build on your network.
  4. Grasp opportunities that may be far and few between at home.

Spring 2021

7 Week Session – 2nd March

Summer 2021

5 Week Session – 1st June & 10th July

University of Arizona Undergraduate & Graduate Programs

The University of Arizona Global

Start in INDIA Finish in the U.S

Up to 2 years in India (studying online) and finishing degree in Tucson, USA

Fee: $7000 per annum in India!

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The University of Arizona Global has a unique opportunity of completing Postgraduate degree programs online.

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