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Make The Right Choice Before You Commence A Community College Program Abroad

What is a Community College?

For those new to the term, a Community or Junior Colleges are two-year schools that offer certificates and associate degrees to students. This two-year associate degree allows the student to eventually transfer to a university to complete a bachelor’s degree in the next two years.
So, what does a community college have to offer an international student?

There are several compelling reasons:
1. Nominally priced
2. Personalized attention
3. Flexibility to learn
4. STEM, Business, and analytical fields to choose from
5. Ease of transitioning to a University of a higher rank

If gaining a degree and the promise of a good return on investment be the only priority on your list, then an associate degree from a Community College can be the best answer.
Head towards the U.S after your 12th or “A” Level and start preparing for a bachelor’s degree from a host of programs ranging from Engineering, Arts, Business, or Science.
Post completion take advantage of OPT benefits of simply pursue an additional two years with a university-affiliated with our community college to complete your bachelor’s degree.

Why choose a Community College?

For several reasons, as an international student, you may want to join a Community College program in the US. Here are some of the most common draws of these programs are:

Community Colleges

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The Community College Experience Is…

Affordable Education

With Community Colleges you can save on your tuition fees for the same courses.

Personalized Attention

Get personalized attention from top faculty and excel in your courses.

Versatile Courses

With a variety of courses to choose from, pick the right course that interests you.

Articulation Agreement

Global Education Board helps you with the Articulation Agreement required for University Admissions.

Some of The Programs on Offer:

Computer Science - A.S.

Computer Security and Forensics - A.A.S.

Cybersecurity - A.A.S.

Electrical Engineering Technology - A.A.S.

Business: Accounting - A.A.S.

Business: Business Administration - A.S.

Web Development and Management - A.A.S.

For a comprehensive list of programs, contact your enrolment advisor.

Personalized Attention at Affordable Prices

College tuition fees can be a costly affair…it can be a determining factor for many. While the average yearly tuition for a four-year program can set you back USD 35,676 for a Tier I University and $15,000 for a lower-ranked institution, the contrasting community college can charge you about as little as $7,500 a year. It is no reason then, why a community college can be a safer bet giving time to a student to subtly stay focused on studies at the same time plan ahead – either to pursue further education or work. Smaller class sizes provided at many community colleges offer students more personal attention and 1-on-1 time with faculty. This can be a boon for students who like the self-paced learning style and can interact and seek guidance as they go along.

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Which Colleges to look for?
Leaving high school and taking the first steps towards redefining your career can at the best of times be daunting. Added to it the time commitment to pursue an academic degree with the added peer pressure throughout to perform can be a traumatic experience for many high schoolers. The undecisive or lower performers can experience and under-go a herculean task to decide or convince their folks about their hesitancy. Any level of uncertainty or scruples at this point in time can lead to an immense backlash, due to the time, hopes, and financial commitment at-hand. Gaining a degree may at times be the only priority on the parents’ agenda; with their expectations being paramount, a student – especially with low grades, can feel the ultimate coercion. So, what choices do parents or students have at times like these? The answer is- Community Colleges.
What is the Articulation Agreement?
Articulation Agreements are of great significance when the path to admission in top universities is being spoken about. These agreements are in fact transfer agreements signed between community colleges and four-year universities which provide the student with a roadmap of the courses and grades needed to go from community college to university. By fulfilling the grade requirements and other requirements as outlined by the agreement, the student enrollment process into the university of choice is ensured to be successful. Most statewide articulation agreements are generally focussed on community college to four-year public universities within the state.
When can I join a University?
Some Colleges are still open for the Spring semester. While you can apply for the Summer courses now. Get subscribed to our website to learn more about the application process and study abroad programs.
What are the Courses that are offered?
Community Colleges offer a wide range of top courses from various streams, including STEM, Business, and analytical fields to choose from.
How much money do I save?
You can save a lot of money if you choose to attend a community college. Across the board, community colleges are less expensive to attend than universities, you can save upto 90% of your tuition fees by attending a community college. To put this into perspective, community college tuition can be as little as around $7,500 per year,which is meager when compared to up to around $35,000 for International students attending a public university.
What are my alternatives?
You can also go for pathway programs, live courses, online courses, study abroad programs etc. Subscribe to our website for more information.
How can I join a Community College?
GEB helps you connect to the top community colleges that offer the most sought after programs. You can choose from a number of colleges as per your preference and we will guide you through the admissions process and what’s more is that we will assist you with your articulation agreement with our vast network of 1200+ Universities.
How can GEB help me get into a community college?
With our extensive network of local schools in the US via the Unmudl network, gaining you an admit to study your dream subject is all the more easier. We help connect you with the best community colleges to ensure you build the right foundation for the next step in your academic journey...we also ensure you either fulfill your dreams of graduating with a bachelor's or finding that first job after you graduate with an associate degree a breeze. GEB is all about connecting you to your dream college.

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