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In our increasingly international world, we believe that global learning communities create life-altering opportunities for students. We are committed to creating extraordinary experiences for students while cultivating environments that champion growth and foster accomplishment. GEB does more than place students; we invest in their success.


Why Choose an International School

Get your child the head start they deserve.


The United States of America and Canada are two of the most in-demand study abroad destinations for High-School and University students. Therefore, many parents of international students face a common dilemma, what country do we choose – The USA or Canada?

To help ease that terminal uncertainty, we have gathered the best educational partners from both continents and offer suggestions based on parent/student outcomes.

The fundamental differences from which all opportunities stem are these – the USA offers more varied employment opportunities and education options for further studies; it boasts more Top 100 universities on its shores. Moreover, it is the most popular destination for Indian students.

Canada, on the other hand, has a different appeal. Apart from having all of the above, you attain better costs and better immigration policies favourable to Indian parents with ties to Canada.


Amazing Choice of Schools (A+/A on

Focused on Student Outcomes and Uni Prep

Amazing Locations Across the US & Canada

Best Student Services to aid student success

In-country staff ready to help support our BPs

A wide range of Accommodation Options

  • 1. Our School and Academic advising team will guide each student through their best academic path.


  • 2. Students can select from a wide variety of elective courses, including business, engineering, fine arts, music, and more to round out their schedules, pursue their passions and explore new subject areas.



Students benefit from a residential and social atmosphere designed to maximize their personal development.

Ensuring collegiate and university success is our promise to our students.

Our students have expansive opportunities to explore American/Canadian life at their high school and beyond.

We offer structured support and oversight for University Placement Preparation. University entrance is a core promise to our students.

Our focus is on instilling values that will sustain students’ personal fulfilment and help position them as upstanding members of their communities.

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Schooling in Canada

Canada ranks 3rd among the world’s wealthiest countries in terms of the quality of education.

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