Gaining the Extra Perks – How to get your hands on a Scholarship?

Why pay more when you can pay less?

If you’re planning on studying abroad, Tuition fees can always be a deterring factor. Let alone the cost of living and other expenses; this entire escapade can crumble to a nightmarish fiasco when the quest to conjure the funds is at hand.

Scholarships, sponsorships, fellowships, or stipends are numerous ways to help ease the burden of forking out more than what you can generally afford. Although it all hinges on the student’s academic ability and overall performance through all his academia, not owning up to the task while at college should never be a discouragement from venturing down that avenue. Although it is a natural outcome of an academically exceptional student who has showcased his excellence with formidable grads over the years that is more often than not considered for this meritorious reward. There are other means to attain that goal…as we shall see.

Am I Deemed Eligible?

Looking towards the start of every academic term – be it Fall, Spring or Summer, many students dream of commencing at a university of choice. The dream of studying abroad is intertwined with the savage pursuit of gaining information about scholarships and the scope of obtaining one. These can be private or public or even be research grants. Although obtaining one for academically driven students is easy, a student with a lower GPA can also set their heart at achieving the same.

Yes, getting a scholarship is possible with low grades.

Strictly speaking, an academician believes in written fact over spoken words. Therefore, your GPA is proof of your hard work, commitment towards the cause, and capability in a subject. No matter how gracefully you showcase your future capability, your GPA will return to haunt. However, if you can add research of good caliber and decent publications in your resume with satisfactory job experience, you can pin your hopes on your GPA being overlooked. 

Finding a mentor and doing research under him also counts. You should target publishing a paper within 30 days. If your work cannot make it into a research journal, a conference paper would suffice. The reason is to create an environment where your mentor will start having faith in you. Keep working until you can publish a research article in any of the good journals. Once you get the prerequisite aid in getting your work published in a reputable journal, you have the proof that can deem you as a capable individual.

What other Choices do I have?

Fully Funded Hungary Government Scholarship 2020-2021 | Stipendium Hungaricum. 

The Fully Funded Hungarian scholarship application process is like the CSC scholarship. Candidates must submit their applications to the Hungary government scholarship council, and then they have to initiate their applications with the university where they want to study.

This Hungarian Scholarship is open for all medical, under-graduation programs, master’s degrees, and doctoral researchers. For more information, kindly visit this web page.

Germany is also becoming a top destination for foreign studies due to its impeccable international reputation and university ranking. Further, due to a decision which came into power in October 2014, all international students attending a public university in Germany would be exempt from tuition fees. International students need only pay a few administrative costs like student contribution, union fee, and a public transport ticket, which equates to around €250 per semester.

For more information on study abroad, programs use our program finder portal or chat with an academic advisor.

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