IS THE U.S. STILL THE BEST OPTION – here are a few reasons why Fall 2021 is looking promising.

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According to Janet Turner, Center Head and Senior Advisor at EducationUSA in Ahmedabad, India. A few of the top reasons? 
1. American universities give international students flexibility, 
2. Recourse to more fields of learning, and 
3. Valuable job opportunities 
– U.S. News and Global Education Report.
Another statistic from the same agency stated that 48 of the top 100 Global Universities are in the United States. For a known fact, these are some of the many reasons why students choose the U.S to pursue their further studies. It is further a common knowledge that the academic flexibility is one of the biggest reasons why students head the United States to follow through with their academia.

COVID and its implications

With the announcement of a mass COVID-19 vaccination attempt in the U.S and with many universities having set policies on campus to control the spread of coronavirus, things are looking promising as they gear up to open for Fall 2021. Further with the inauguration of the new presidency on January 20 20, 2021, and the science-driven decision-making approach adopted by the new administration around COVID related travel implications confidence exudes the U.S community-college and University pecking order.

The New Administration

Biden, who was for a number of years the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee before becoming Obama’s vice president, has a deep understanding of the values of international education. The incoming First Lady, Dr Jill Biden who is An English teacher at a community college, has two masters degrees – MA-EDU and Ms Arts and a doctorate in education and shows no signs of ceasing when her husband takes office.

The new Biden administration is already acquired inputs from college and universities, as well as organizations like U.S News and Global Education, and is well aware of the significance of welcoming international students to the U.S. 

Work is underway to scale at U.S consulates to help boost student enrolments. Perhaps most importantly, moving forward, they are supportive of legislation designed to boost international student growth and success – U.S News and Global Education

Only time will tell of the growing advantages of what seems to be a step in the right direction, and as some universities close for applications for Fall 2021, the vast majority are still open. 

GEB are happy to assist those looking for options. With over 700 + universities within our scope of offering both in the U.S and other locations and testimonials to bear witness to our beneficence, we are determined to help you find what compliments your capabilities helping help students by – “Changing Lives.”

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