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Facts About The U.K

Tea is by far the most famous drink among Brits. It is estimated that they drink 165 million cups of tea every day. The fun thing here is that in the U.S. the tea’s consumption is 20 times lower.

London houses more than 8 million citizens who communicate via different languages. It is estimated that more than 300 languages are spoken in the city.

The first postage stamp was created in the U.K. It was designed in May 1840, and it featured Queen Victoria.

The typical food in the U.K. is roast beef and Yorkshire beef, but the Brits have voted Chicken Tikka as their national dish. The Chicken Tikka is actually an Indian recipe.

Queen Elizabeth is the longest-reigning Queen in the world.

Oxford University is the oldest higher education institution in the U.K. Until 1877, it’s lecturers were not allowed to get married.

In the past London had a different name, Londinium.

Shakespeare added approximately three-thousand words to the English language.

French was the official language in the U.K., from 1066 to 1362 for almost 300 years.

The British Library is the 2nd largest library in the world, housing over 150 million items.