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About Articulation Agreements

University articulation agreement is a formal partnership between institutions of higher education. Typically, this agreement is formed between colleges and universities to create a smooth transition between them.

An agreement of this kind guarantees that classes completed at one college will be honoured when a student transfers to the university in question. They intrinsically are a partnership to recognize credit transfers between respective programs.

These agreements further insure that students genuinely understand which courses will and will not earn them transfer credits. With these arrangements in place, students are more likely to make better course choices and save themselves time spent on their degree program.

About Inspire-Ed

Born out of an unceasing passion to-bridge the educational chasm, InspireEd – a GEB entity,  is all about bringing the best of what the U.S and international curriculum can offer, marrying it with local indigenous educational institutions to create an excellent homogeneous composition of the autochthonous and novel.

With numerous university articulations under our belt, Inspire-Ed has helped Indian institutions get ahead of the curve and stay competitive as educational leaders.

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